Winterwakers Part 1 Now Available

Update (October 29, 3:00 PM): Now available on Barnes and Noble

Update (October 29, 8:45 AM): Now available on Amazon and iBooks.

Update (October 28, 8:45 PM): Now available on Scribd.

This is the excellent news I’ve been looking forward to sharing for a long time. The first part of Winterwakers, a three-part novel series that has sucked up nearly all of my time for the past nine months, is available as an e-book as of today!

Unfortunately, the world’s biggest eBook store doesn’t have it yet. Amazon has it now!

I’ll be using this post to update you on where and when it’s available for sale. Check back often to see if your preferred retailer is carrying it.

Available Now

Coming Soon

  • Page Foundry (submitted)

Coming Less Soon

  • Google Play Books (investigating their process, will submit ASAP)
  • Direct, DRM-free download from my site (investigating this possibility)

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, there’s a free sample of Winterwakers Part 1 here on this site. And here’s the cover art.

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