Contest: Name My Blog, Win Prizes

UPDATE, December 1, 2014: Contest is over! Winners announced!

I like blogs. The best blogs almost always have a good name, even if the blog itself is a promotional tool or “side business” for the person who writes it. A good blog name puts things in context. It sets the tone. Blog names can be descriptive, funny, clever, bizarre, or stupid. Quite often, they are two or more of those things.

John Scalzi’s blog is named “Whatever.” Patton Oswalt’s is called “Spew.” Both names are perfect for their respective creators. I’m disappointed that my blog doesn’t have a name. Right now the title is “Matt Perkins Blog,” which is super boring. Super, duper boring, perhaps. Especially compared to “Spew.” I may as well have left the title blank.

I wish I could think up an excellent title, but for some reason I’m coming up empty. Thus, I’ve decided to do a contest to let you guys choose the title of my blog. Hopefully you can do better than I did, or at least have some fun trying.

Speaking of fun, what fun would a contest be without fabulous prizes? Here’s what I’m offering:

  • For the winning entry: a $25 (US) gift certificate
  • For two runners-up: a $10 (US) gift certificate

In addition, the winner, runners-up, and two other random contestants (i.e. five contestants in total) will receive a free copy of Winterwakers Part 1: Cold Hands for Kindle. Yay!

Interested? Have a good idea or three? Here are the rules:

  • To Enter, do one of the following:
    1. Tweet your blog name idea with the hashtag #MattsBlogContest
    2. Go to my Facebook Page and use Post To Page to post your name idea
  • Regardless of whether you use Twitter or Facebook to enter, include a link to my site.
  • You can enter as many blog name ideas as you like, but only one prize will be awarded per person.
  • I will choose the winner and runners-up myself. My dog will choose the two random eBook winners.
  • I reserve the right to declare no winner or runners-up if none of the entries are something I’d want to name my blog. That said, you may be surprised by what sort of dumb crap I will accept.
  • I reserve the right to rename my blog at any time regardless of the outcome of this contest. It’s my blog, dammit.

The deadline for entries is Sunday, November 30 at 4 PM Pacific Time (or midnight GMT on December 1 if you prefer).

Tip: your best chance of winning is to suggest a name that best suits my personality and blogging style. Read through the blog archive and check out my tweets to get some ideas.

Thanks for participating, and good luck to you all!

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