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Kickstarter Backer and soon-to-be-published author Ron Norman sent me this beautiful pic of his book. I use it everywhere now.

Kickstarter backer and soon-to-be-published author Ron Norman sent me this beautiful pic of his book. You can get your own signed copy, typewriter not included, and support Canadians who need your help.

Quick link to the eBay listing.

A year ago, I was running a Kickstarter to fund the Winterwakers omnibus paperback. Thanks to the contributions of many generous people, the project was funded, the paperbacks went to press, and the books were shipped to their new homes.

When I did the print run for the Kickstarter, I ordered a few extra “in case something goes wrong” copies of the book. I didn’t end up needing any of them; they were left in the closet, still in their shipping box, untouched.

Fast forward to the present: while packing my office in preparation for our big move this summer, I came across the books and said “dammit, I don’t want to pack these.” And then the small part of my brain that has good ideas said “I bet there are people who would like a copy. Maybe … I should give them a chance to get one? And maybe I could sign them???”

A few days later, news of the Fort McMurray forest fire broke. It’s likely one of the worst natural disasters in Canadian history: tens of thousands evacuated, entire neighborhoods destroyed … it’s a nightmare. It’s been two weeks, and the people of Fort Mac are still unable to return home, assuming they even have a home to return to.

You can probably see where this is going. I want to help the people of Fort Mac, and give you an opportunity to get one of the last remaining Kickstarter Edition paperbacks of Winterwakers.

Plus, since all donations to the Red Cross are currently being matched by the Government of Canada until May 31, that adds up to almost $120 in donations per book from your $30!

Oh, and you get some legendary Snowflake Tavern coasters too! Everyone seems to love these, and I have plenty of them.

Bottom line: you get a signed, limited edition paperback of my book, and the people of Fort Mac get some much-needed assistance.

I contacted the Red Cross last week, and got their full blessing for this fundraiser. They are an excellent organization, one I have been happy to support for many years now. If you aren’t interested in the book, I still encourage you to donate through their site.

If you do want the book, here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase one of the available copies through the eBay listing.
  2. Contact me ASAP and let me know who you want the signature made out to.
  3. Feel great for helping an important cause.
  4. Wait patiently for your signed book to arrive in the mail.


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