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Winterwakers Part 3 Now Available

EDIT (May 28 12:25) Now available on iBooks

EDIT (May 26 13:23) Now available on Barnes & Noble Nook store

This is it, folks: the third and final book in the Winterwakers series is now available!

The Stormas it’s called, is probably definitely the most exciting, high-stakes, emotionally raw installment so far. It’s a fitting end to the saga I’ve dedicated almost two years of my life to, and I’m very proud of it. Behold, the cover!

Winterwakers Part 3 eBook FINAL-small

But before you rush out to buy the eBook, consider this: as you have likely been informed by now, I also have a Kickstarter in progress to fund the Winterwakers Omnibus Paperback There are ten days left on it, and if we’re being completely honest, I’d much rather you spend your cash on that than on the Part 3 eBook. As of this writing, we still need a few more backers to hit the funding goal. And for you, it’s a way better deal: you get an eBook with all three parts plus an epilogue and other cool bonuses for only $7 Canadian. That’s to say nothing of the paperback itself, of course.

(Of course, if you’ve already backed the Kickstarter, I sincerely thank you.)

Nonetheless, I believe in providing as many options as possible for my readers, so if you’ve already bought Parts 1 and 2 and you just want to read the end of this damn story now now now, please do purchase The Storm from your preferred purveyor of fine eBooks. I’m grateful for your support either way.

As with the first two eBooks, Part 3 is gradually appearing on e-shelves across the Internet. Below is a summary of where to find it, and where it will be soon.

Available Now

Coming Less Soon

  • Google Play Books (I still need to figure this out)
  • Direct download from my site (perhaps after the Kickstarter?)

And Now, the Winterwakers Part 1 Cover!

As promised, here’s the cover for the forthcoming book. I think it’s a nice compromise between eye-catching shelf appeal and iconic coolness factor. It includes a cool symbol by my talented friend Brendan Dora. (I can’t tell you what the symbol represents without spoilers, sorry.)

Cover for Winterwakers Part 1: Cold Hands

We march ever closer to e-book publication. I’m aiming for the last Tuesday of October, but don’t hold me to that. I’ll make it official soon.