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Enjoy a Free Sample of Winterwakers Part 1: Cold Hands

Cover for Winterwakers Part 1: Cold HandsWinterwakers is my first completed novel, set in an alternate version of Earth where humans hibernate. It’s gonna be a big one, so I’m throwing it out into the cruel, cruel world in three parts, each about 200 pages. Part 1 is titled Cold Hands, and if all goes well it will be available in e-book form before the end of October. Once I have a firm date I will announce it on all of the various social shouting platforms. Be sure to follow me on Twitter or Facebook to stay in the loop.

The following is a short sample from the second chapter, in which Elliot, one of our protagonists, meets a mysterious person.


The elevator opened onto a sparsely populated lobby. A jovial ‘Happy Feast’ banner loomed above. Two maintenance people were testing the bolts on the thick steel outer doors as Elliot Warden slipped outside.

One of the few things Elliot would miss about the waking months was Happy Fortune Cafe, located just down the block from his office. It was a little hole-in-the-wall that served tasty Taiwanese thick noodles in a rich beef broth. It would be perfect winter food; it was warm and hearty, and those delicious beef morsels were so tender they practically melted in his mouth. Unfortunately there would be no fresh beef once the snow fell, nor would there be a Happy Fortune Cafe. It would be shuttered and dark until the thaw, as would everything else on this busy downtown street. Businesses that thrived today would soon be buried under snowbanks, their proprietors deep in peaceful hibernation.

While the world slept, Elliot was among the few who kept it running. Winterwakers all had jobs in the winter, most of which fell into two categories: infrastructure maintenance, and hibernation care. Elliot’s winter job was similar to his ‘normal’ job: network administration. The main difference was that in the spring, summer, and fall, he administered First Fed’s network. In the winter, he administered every network. He was the only qualified network and server maintenance tech awake in the entire city. Continue Reading