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Winterwakers Part 1 is free on Kindle (plus other book-related thoughts)

We’re coming up on the two-year anniversary of the publication of Winterwakers Part 1: Cold Hands, the book that kicked off both the Winterwakers series and my writing career. What started as an experiment to see if I could actually do this has turned into a new phase of my life, one that will continue for as long as I can make it work.

To coincide with this anniversary, I’ve shuffled some of my sales channels around, and, more interestingly, lowered some eBook prices. Here’s what’s happening, now and in the future:

  • Winterwakers Part 1: Cold Hands is currently free in the Kindle Store! This is a limited time deal. If you’re interested in the book, but haven’t been willing and/or able to pay for it, now is your chance. It will go back to its regular price on October 25. Speaking of that regular price …
  • After the free promo ends, Part 1 will be 99 cents US in the Kindle Store – forever! I am not kidding when I say “forever.” That’s the new permanent price of the eBook.
  • The Part 1, 2, and 3 eBooks are now Kindle exclusives. There are pros and cons to this. The obvious downside is that you can no longer buy them from other eBook sellers. There are quite a few positives though, including the fact that I am now able to run these free eBook promos.
  • Don’t worry: the Winterwakers Omnibus is still available everywhereThe aforementioned Kindle exclusivity only applies to the individual-part eBooks. You can still buy the Omnibus Edition, which combines all three parts, a bonus epilogue, and extra appendices, at the eBook retailer of your choice.
  • The Winterwakers Omnibus eBook is now $4.99 US everywhere. Yes, Part 1 is cheaper than a bag of ice (and far less likely to leak all over the trunk of your car), but the Omnibus Edition eBook is the best value for your reading dollar, especially at this price.

Cool, right? I think this will be a good thing for a lot of potential readers, especially the ability to read my work for free (or, at most, a buck). Continue Reading

Buy A Signed Book To Support Fort Mac

Kickstarter Backer and soon-to-be-published author Ron Norman sent me this beautiful pic of his book. I use it everywhere now.

Kickstarter backer and soon-to-be-published author Ron Norman sent me this beautiful pic of his book. You can get your own signed copy, typewriter not included, and support Canadians who need your help.

Quick link to the eBay listing.

A year ago, I was running a Kickstarter to fund the Winterwakers omnibus paperback. Thanks to the contributions of many generous people, the project was funded, the paperbacks went to press, and the books were shipped to their new homes.

When I did the print run for the Kickstarter, I ordered a few extra “in case something goes wrong” copies of the book. I didn’t end up needing any of them; they were left in the closet, still in their shipping box, untouched.

Fast forward to the present: while packing my office in preparation for our big move this summer, I came across the books and said “dammit, I don’t want to pack these.” And then the small part of my brain that has good ideas said “I bet there are people who would like a copy. Maybe … I should give them a chance to get one? And maybe I could sign them???”

A few days later, news of the Fort McMurray forest fire broke. It’s likely one of the worst natural disasters in Canadian history: tens of thousands evacuated, entire neighborhoods destroyed … it’s a nightmare. It’s been two weeks, and the people of Fort Mac are still unable to return home, assuming they even have a home to return to.

You can probably see where this is going. I want to help the people of Fort Mac, and give you an opportunity to get one of the last remaining Kickstarter Edition paperbacks of Winterwakers.

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Winterwakers Part 3 Now Available

EDIT (May 28 12:25) Now available on iBooks

EDIT (May 26 13:23) Now available on Barnes & Noble Nook store

This is it, folks: the third and final book in the Winterwakers series is now available!

The Stormas it’s called, is probably definitely the most exciting, high-stakes, emotionally raw installment so far. It’s a fitting end to the saga I’ve dedicated almost two years of my life to, and I’m very proud of it. Behold, the cover!

Winterwakers Part 3 eBook FINAL-small

But before you rush out to buy the eBook, consider this: as you have likely been informed by now, I also have a Kickstarter in progress to fund the Winterwakers Omnibus Paperback There are ten days left on it, and if we’re being completely honest, I’d much rather you spend your cash on that than on the Part 3 eBook. As of this writing, we still need a few more backers to hit the funding goal. And for you, it’s a way better deal: you get an eBook with all three parts plus an epilogue and other cool bonuses for only $7 Canadian. That’s to say nothing of the paperback itself, of course.

(Of course, if you’ve already backed the Kickstarter, I sincerely thank you.)

Nonetheless, I believe in providing as many options as possible for my readers, so if you’ve already bought Parts 1 and 2 and you just want to read the end of this damn story now now now, please do purchase The Storm from your preferred purveyor of fine eBooks. I’m grateful for your support either way.

As with the first two eBooks, Part 3 is gradually appearing on e-shelves across the Internet. Below is a summary of where to find it, and where it will be soon.

Available Now

Coming Less Soon

  • Google Play Books (I still need to figure this out)
  • Direct download from my site (perhaps after the Kickstarter?)

Winterwakers Part 2 Available Now

UPDATE (January 27, 10:30 AM): Now available on iBooks.

UPDATE (February 2, 11:00 AM): Now available on Barnes & Noble Nook

Three months ago, I published the first part in my Winterwakers saga. It was an exciting, fun day, but it was only the beginning, not just for this story, but for my writing career as a whole.

Today, I’m very pleased to present the second part of my sci-fi/thriller series. It’s called Bitter Winds and it’s available for eBook download right now!

As with the first book, not every retailer is carrying it immediately, but it should be in all the big eBook stores by the end of the day. I’ll continue to update this post as stores add it to their virtual shelves, so check back here to see if it’s available at your preferred retailer yet.

Available now:

Coming less soon:

  • Google Play (working on it)
  • Direct download from my site (later)

Oh, and if you haven’t read Part 1: Cold Hands yet, good news: it’s on sale for 99 cents at all eBook stores. Check it out on Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, and the rest.

My First Published Book: a Retrospective and FAQ

By now, you’re probably aware that Winterwakers Part 1: Cold Hands is officially up for sale on the big online book stores. Or maybe you weren’t aware, perhaps because you don’t follow me on Twitter, or like me on Facebook.

2014-12-31 08.44.06

*clears throat* anyway … Winterwakers is my first book, so this is definitely a huge milestone for me. And yet, there is still so much left to do, not only for the Winterwakers epic itself, but for my writing career as a whole. Publishing Part 1 was big, for sure, but I’ve really only just begun.

I visited with a lot of friends and relatives over the holidays, and many of them were curious about the book, and how it came to be. Over the course of blathering on, some of the same questions came up a few times from different people. Chatting with folks about the book turned out to be a good way to look back at what I’d accomplished, and look ahead at what’s to come.

Thus, here is my FAQ about writing, Winterwakers, or whatever.

1. How long did it take you to write? Well, that depends on your definition of “write.” Typing out the words that make up the book is only one aspect of writing a book. I started that in January 2014 and finished in early March. In terms of hours, I’d guess I spent between ten and twenty hours a week writing during that time.

There’s a lot more to finishing a book than writing the first draft, though. Before I even typed a single word, I made an outline — a note card for each chapter and scene in the book describing what I wanted to happen. That took a few weeks by itself, and it was a very important step. I’m 100% certain I would have never finished writing Part 1 without that outline in place.

Then there was editing, more editing, and even more editing. I spent a couple weeks doing a first pass edit of my first draft, then sent it out to my test readers, a brilliant group of volunteers who read my book in a pretty rough state and gave me notes on it (side note: love you guys!). I gave them two months to submit their feedback (during which time I started writing Part 2), then I did another round of editing, and then another. By this point, it was late August. Continue Reading

Winterwakers Part 1 Now Available

Update (October 29, 3:00 PM): Now available on Barnes and Noble

Update (October 29, 8:45 AM): Now available on Amazon and iBooks.

Update (October 28, 8:45 PM): Now available on Scribd.

This is the excellent news I’ve been looking forward to sharing for a long time. The first part of Winterwakers, a three-part novel series that has sucked up nearly all of my time for the past nine months, is available as an e-book as of today!

Unfortunately, the world’s biggest eBook store doesn’t have it yet. Amazon has it now!

I’ll be using this post to update you on where and when it’s available for sale. Check back often to see if your preferred retailer is carrying it.

Available Now

Coming Soon

  • Page Foundry (submitted)

Coming Less Soon

  • Google Play Books (investigating their process, will submit ASAP)
  • Direct, DRM-free download from my site (investigating this possibility)

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, there’s a free sample of Winterwakers Part 1 here on this site. And here’s the cover art.

And Now, the Winterwakers Part 1 Cover!

As promised, here’s the cover for the forthcoming book. I think it’s a nice compromise between eye-catching shelf appeal and iconic coolness factor. It includes a cool symbol by my talented friend Brendan Dora. (I can’t tell you what the symbol represents without spoilers, sorry.)

Cover for Winterwakers Part 1: Cold Hands

We march ever closer to e-book publication. I’m aiming for the last Tuesday of October, but don’t hold me to that. I’ll make it official soon.

Enjoy a Free Sample of Winterwakers Part 1: Cold Hands

Cover for Winterwakers Part 1: Cold HandsWinterwakers is my first completed novel, set in an alternate version of Earth where humans hibernate. It’s gonna be a big one, so I’m throwing it out into the cruel, cruel world in three parts, each about 200 pages. Part 1 is titled Cold Hands, and if all goes well it will be available in e-book form before the end of October. Once I have a firm date I will announce it on all of the various social shouting platforms. Be sure to follow me on Twitter or Facebook to stay in the loop.

The following is a short sample from the second chapter, in which Elliot, one of our protagonists, meets a mysterious person.


The elevator opened onto a sparsely populated lobby. A jovial ‘Happy Feast’ banner loomed above. Two maintenance people were testing the bolts on the thick steel outer doors as Elliot Warden slipped outside.

One of the few things Elliot would miss about the waking months was Happy Fortune Cafe, located just down the block from his office. It was a little hole-in-the-wall that served tasty Taiwanese thick noodles in a rich beef broth. It would be perfect winter food; it was warm and hearty, and those delicious beef morsels were so tender they practically melted in his mouth. Unfortunately there would be no fresh beef once the snow fell, nor would there be a Happy Fortune Cafe. It would be shuttered and dark until the thaw, as would everything else on this busy downtown street. Businesses that thrived today would soon be buried under snowbanks, their proprietors deep in peaceful hibernation.

While the world slept, Elliot was among the few who kept it running. Winterwakers all had jobs in the winter, most of which fell into two categories: infrastructure maintenance, and hibernation care. Elliot’s winter job was similar to his ‘normal’ job: network administration. The main difference was that in the spring, summer, and fall, he administered First Fed’s network. In the winter, he administered every network. He was the only qualified network and server maintenance tech awake in the entire city. Continue Reading